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I finally got a few calls from the providers who will be doing Holden's in-home therapy from Early Intervention. Finally. The behavior therapy will start the 1st week of June. I don't have exact dates and times yet, she's calling me next week to give me those. Let's just hope she actually calls. If not, I'll call again. I think they know that about me by now. The Speech therapist called me today. She's going to try and schedule something for as soon as next week, so that would be nice. Should know for sure in a few days, as she "said" she'd call me back. I'm hopeful, she sounds 'nice'.

Holden has an appointment with Dr. Berget in Tampa. He's a pediatrician (M.D.), but he's also a DAN! doctor. I don't know what to expect with the first appointment, but I'm anxious to get the biomedical approach started. I've talked to a lot of moms lately, and the majority have seen improvements in their children. I firmly believe this will be Holden's case, too.

I've started going to a playgroup once a week through EI. It's held at a local church, and even though the 1st time (last week), Holden really just played with the toys, it was nice. He was at least around other people. And, the other kids there were either too young to play with, or weren't interested either. So, they're having another one tomorrow and I'm hopeful that he'll "play". I also met another mom with a 2.5 year old diagnosed with PDD. She's asked us to come over next week for a playdate. Curious to see how the kids react without so many people and toys around.

I took him to the mall playground today. It was great, actually. He did awesome. He was running around, just like the other kids his age - bumping into other kids. Laughing, running, playing. He seemed to really have fun. He was smiling. He even went up to a few kids, but, honestly, I think it was just because he wanted to steal their binkies. Oh well, I'm going to count it as being somewhat social! He didn't avoid them, afterall.

Zoe's almost out of school. She gets out at 1pm on Friday, Monday and next Tuesday. Then she's done for THREE whole months. School starts late next year. August 21st. I can't believe she'll be in the 3rd grade. Wow, how time flies. She's such a good kid though. We are so lucky. She's beautiful, smart, nice, polite, and respectful. I can't tell you the number of times that adults (kid's parents, or just people we pass in the supermarket) have told me how "polite" she is. It's so good to hear coming from her peer's parents. I've mentioned to Dietrich that I actually would prefer her be more polite and respectful to other people and their homes, than to us! I tell her every day how much I love her because I just don't want a day to go by without her knowing how much she's loved.

Lucky, is what we are.

And, here's a picture of the little guy in-utero. Today, I'm 26w1d.

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