a little less suck-age

I had an appointment with our DAN last week regarding Holden. We went over his OAT, bloodwork, and French test. The OAT showed very high markers for yeast (surprise, surprise). His French test showed elevated levels of Mercury and Lead (again, surprise, surprise). His bloodwork showed low zinc, normal liver function, and something else very interesting to me...he's NOT protected against Polio. Hello vaccines!! He was vaccinated against Polio, but apparently it did no good.

Seeing the test results, I just don't understand how people can dismiss the biomedical treatment for autism. How much more scientific evidence do you need that our kids systems are off? More so than typical children? Doesn't that mean anything to the medical community?? I don't get it.

Anyway, off my soap box. Our next plan of action is to start Zinc (1 cap per day, 20 mg), Therabiotic Complete (probiotic), and Nizoral. He's been on the Nizoral for 1 week now and there's definitely a difference. He's happier, doesn't seem to be "hurting", and his eye contact and socialization has increased. We started Zinc just yesterday, so nothing to report yet on that...as well as the new probiotic. I'll do the challenge test in the next few days. Then, 2 weeks later, we're to do an EDTA + DMSA challenge test. Our next appointment is February 23rd, where we'll discuss the challenge results and determine which chelation agent to use and how it will be administered. I'm hoping for at least twice monthly IV's, at least. The other 2 weeks, we will use suppositories.

Honestly though, it all depends on the costs of each. We want the most effective, obviously, but we have to choose the most effective that we're able to afford. I'm VERY anxious to start chelating on a regular basis though. He will be 4 in April and I have such high hopes for him by his 5th birthday. I've heard chelation takes anywhere from 12-18 months to be most effective.

On another note, Zoe and Jackson are doing great. Zoe amazes me everyday with all she's learning and the words that come out of her mouth! Good and bad. Jackson is 17 and a half months and seems to be developing completely normal thus far. He's pointing to pictures, labeling, very social, great eye contact, talking, talking, and more talking. I'm hopeful that he will be spared any developmental delays. In the meantime, we will continue to NOT vaccinate him.

More later!


today sucks

I try pretty hard to get around the self-pity stuff when it comes to Holden and autism. For the most part, I'm motivated, dedicated, and optimistic for his recovery. Every once in a while, there are days when things don't seem to be going right. I think this process has really taught me to be "in-tune" with him...what he's feeling, if he's hurting, happy, etc. And today, my gut tells me that something's just not right with him. He's been off anti-fungals, probiotics, and MB12 shots for almost 2 weeks now. It's really taking a toll on him, I can tell. He's not sleeping. He's crying, as if he's hurting. He's holding his stomach. And I know that if he could just TELL me how he feels, he would tell me that he's a mess inside.

I have an appointment with our DAN today at 4:30. I have to get him back on track. I need my boy back.


New Year

Happy New Year! Late, I know, but I haven't had much time to post any updates.

My mom was here for 2 days over the holidays. I can't tell you how much help it was to have her around. And of course, the kids loved it.

Holden's been going through a "rough patch" I guess you could say. He ran out of his anti-fungal (Sporonox - which I think was making him worse anyway!), and we also ran out of our probiotics (bifido-complex). We had an appointment with our DAN scheduled for December 29th, so I decided to wait until the appointment to discuss possibly changing his anti-fungal and to find out if we needed to start something for clostridia. His OAT test, French test, and bloodwork are all back, so I assumed we would be making some changes based on the results. Well, they had to reschedule our appointment to January 12th. And I haven't been able to reach the doctor since before Christmas...so he's had some rough days. I'm assuming the kid has yeast like crazy now, being off anti-fungals all together for a few weeks. His tantrums have been horrible, he's had trouble falling asleep (not like him), he's stimming like crazy. He has gotten a little better over the past 3 days or so. I started him on S Boulardii from Whole Foods last Friday. I don't know if it's making a difference. Maybe. His behavior seems better and he seems happier overall. He's sleeping a little better. Hopefully next week, after his appointment, we can start him on a new anti-fungal, and whatever else he needs. I also hope to start ongoing chelation treatments again. Not sure yet if we'll do IVs or suppositories (again). I would like to do IVs, but it's so traumatic for him, and I need to see what our insurance will pay. This is all soooo expensive, it's tough. But much needed.

Zoe's good. 9, going on 16. I'm just waiting for her to hate me everyday, instead of just every other day.

Jackson's developing normally, or so it seems thus far. He loved Christmas, and all the lights. He's talking up a storm, and I love it! Hate the screaming, but love the talking and laughing and interacting with us.

Here are a few pictures from December. Holden LOVES the camera now.