Musical Beds

Apparently, it's a new 'game' we play at our house. Or, at least we were all playing last night. It goes a little something like this:

At 7pm last night, I rocked Holden to sleep. Normal? Yes. He went down in his bed. Meanwhile in our bedroom, Zoe laid (and eventually fell asleep) on our bed while Dietrich played a computer game. She likes watching him play. Still pretty normal. At 10pm, Dietrich carries Zoe to her bed. 10:30pm, I'm exhausted. I go to bed, with Dietrich, in our bed. 11:30pm - Dietrich can't sleep, so he decides to go sleep on the spare bed in Holden's room. At which time, Holden decides he wants to wake up and scream until I put him in bed with me. I do. 1.5 hours later, Holden wets his diaper to the point that he needs his clothes changed (and the diaper, of course). So, I get up, take care of that, and go back to bed. In hopes of finally sleeping. 2am - Zoe wakes me up because she's not feeling well and can't sleep. She's wheezing, so I get up, give her 2 puffs of her 'puffer', and put her back to bed (her bed). 30 minutes later, she's back in my room - STILL can't sleep. So, I put her on the couch to see if she can finally get comfortable enough to sleep. 30 minutes later, she's back in my room - can't sleep. Scared cause it's dark in the living room. SO, I pick up Holden and put him back in his bed, so that she'll have room in MY bed. She gets in bed with me. At which time, I lay there for an hour trying to fall asleep and figure out if I've even been asleep yet. At 3:45am, Bella (the dog) decides she'd now like to sleep in my bed, instead of the spare bed with Dietrich. So, she wakes me up trying to get comfortable next to me. At 5am, I lay there, eyes wide open. I decided to just get up and started doing a bit of research online about asthma and allergies. Trying to find a remedy for Zoe's sleepless-ness due to coughing, wheezing, etc. Amazed that Holden is still actually asleep, at 6am I get back in bed with Zoe to try and get an hour sleep before I have to wake her up and get her ready for school. At 6:05am, Holden cries. I go get him.

And there you have it, folks. Eventually, I woke Zoe up for school. Dietrich woke up for work. We started our day, and we're still going. I don't know how, but I'm still going.

So, I'm thinking we should apply for a patent for our new 'game' - Musical Beds. Afterall, we're experts at it. If we can talk the olympic committee into recognizing it as a sport, we would all hold gold medals! I figure if curling can be an olympic sport, why can't musical beds?


Saturday morning

It's Saturday morning. Holden's eating. Doesn't he look tired? He should.

I love standing in the kitchen in the morning and being able to look over and see the lake across the street. It's the only place in the house that we have this view. It's perfect.

Meanwhile, back inside - Zoe's sleeping. In our bed. When Holden woke me up early this morning, she came in and asked if she could lay in our bed. Sure. Why not? Dietrich's sleeping in Holden's room (not in the crib, there's a bed in there, too) because he was up late last night and I'm obviously not going back to sleep. So, sure honey.

Even Bella's sleeping. I woke her up. Just because.

She's yawning:

And I. I am drinking coffee and eating pumpernickel toast. Just waiting patiently for naptime.


Calgon, take me away.

I haven't posted much in the past few weeks. Because I haven't had any time to pee, much less post on here.

Holden's teething. He's been trying to cut a top tooth for 2 weeks now. It's there, I see it, but it refuses to come through. He's miserable. He's not sleeping. He's up 2-3 times a night, and then up between 5:30-6:30am for good. His naps are almost non-existent. He'll sleep for 20-30 minutes, max. How the kid can keep going with his sleep pattern so jacked up is beyond me. Hell, I'm still trying to figure out how I'm still going.

My first semester of school wraps up this week. It's an online master's program. So, I have 3 final papers due. Tonight. Maybe I procrastinated just a bit, seeing as these particular papers could/should have been worked on all throughout the courses . Ooops. Leave it to me to put unnecessary stress on myself.

I'm also working on a project for a client that I told them I could have done by Feb 3rd. Ummm...today is Feb 1st, and it's maybe 65% complete. But, I can't worry about that ... cause I have 3 papers to write. Dilemma.

Zoe started Karate lessons last Saturday. She loves it. And she's now met a kid next door (finally), so she's able to play outside in the afternoons to release a bit of energy. I think she's going through a growth spurt or something, cause, guess what??? SHE'S NOT SLEEPING, EITHER. Nightmares, tummy aches, headaches - every night.

In conclusion, between Holden's sleepless nights (and days), and Zoe's sleepless nights, I am hanging on by a thread. Poor Dietrich. He's busting his ass, working and trying to get through his first semester of his Ph.D. program, and all I'm doing is bitching. Lord.

P.S. If this post makes no sense, don't hold it against me. MAMA NEEDS SLEEP.