Saturday morning

It's Saturday morning. Holden's eating. Doesn't he look tired? He should.

I love standing in the kitchen in the morning and being able to look over and see the lake across the street. It's the only place in the house that we have this view. It's perfect.

Meanwhile, back inside - Zoe's sleeping. In our bed. When Holden woke me up early this morning, she came in and asked if she could lay in our bed. Sure. Why not? Dietrich's sleeping in Holden's room (not in the crib, there's a bed in there, too) because he was up late last night and I'm obviously not going back to sleep. So, sure honey.

Even Bella's sleeping. I woke her up. Just because.

She's yawning:

And I. I am drinking coffee and eating pumpernickel toast. Just waiting patiently for naptime.

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