So, it was parents night out ...

My mom came over Saturday to watch the kids so that Dietrich and I could spend some "quality" time together since he's been traveling so much lately. So, we got dressed and decided we would go to TGIF's for a few drinks.

3 martinis (each) later, we were headed home. Our "date" lasted approximately 2 hours. And that's probably a bit exaggerated. Why? We kept looking around the bar and realized that: 1.) we are SO thankful that we're not single, 2.) we actually thought (and talked) about the kids, and 3.) we were spending money on martinis when we had the necessary beverages to make them at home.

Funny. 10 years ago, we would've both been out till 2am at the earliest. Now, we're lucky if we can stay up till 10pm.

Rounding out the weekend, I went to scrapbook on Sunday and Dietrich took the kids to Downtown Disney just for the heck of it. Here's the highlight for Zoe: facepainting. She cried when I made her wash it off.


Raising a boy vs. raising a girl

For some reason, I thought all babies were created equal (or at least close) up until a certain age when they all change and develop their own personalities, etc.

I'm here to tell you that that's SO not true. At least in my household. Already having Zoe and going through her 'baby' phase 6 years ago, I thought I would be prepared to do it all over again. But, with Holden, it's all soooooooo very different.

He's 9 months old now and lemme tell you. ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. Yes, Zoe was curious and wondered and I had to chase her around. But, not like Holden. He is a little terror!! A cute one, but still. He has to get into everything. He has to know what everyone's doing. He has to know what's in every cabinet in the house.

He has to know what's on every table in the house. He has to know what the dog food taste like at least once a day. Oh, and the poor kid has fallen and hit his head so many times. Does he cry? No. He gets back up and does the same thing. I never knew how rough and tough he would be! (Zoe was so not like that as a baby). It's just amazing to me that they are so incredibly different, even as babies.

I never remember needing a baby gate to keep Zoe out of somewhere, or in somewhere else. But, folks, we are in some serious need of a few baby gates in this house. And, with him taking 2-3 steps by himself - I have a feeling the walking is just around the corner. Scary.

There's no reason to go to the gym, I'm chasing him all day long so my exercise is happening without trying. Aren't I lucky?


Yes, sometimes we need a HEATER in Florida

It's rare, but, we do need the heater in Florida sometimes. Of course, I woke up this morning and the heater wasn't working. What the? It's not like it's over-used or anything. Tonight, we're getting down into the 30's (which, I know, to you Northerners, that's not too bad, right?!), which is pretty damn cold for Florida.

I have to call the landlord today. It's Saturday, what are the chances they can get someone out here today? Probably slim and none. Which means we'll all be bundled up so the kids don't get sick (again).

In other news ... Dietrich got stuck in Atlanta last night. He missed his connecting flight because his original flight out of VA was almost 2 hours late taking off. There were no other flights out last night once he got there. So, he's on the 7am flight this morning - home. So, instead of working and traveling Tues - Fri, this week, he's even had to travel on his weekend and doesn't even get paid for it. How is that fair?

The weekend is not off to a good start as of yet.


School Shootings

I had a brief, mild panic attack this morning. I was napping with Holden and suddenly heard on the TV that a school in Longwood was under lockdown and there had been a shooting. Seeing as Zoe is a 1st grader at a school in Longwood, that was the reason for my mild panic attack. After rushing to turn up the TV, I found out that it was a middle school, and not her school (THANK GOD). But, still. I guess I never really thought I'd have to deal with the chance that she could be in danger while in school, at least not until she was in high school. Which is obviously not true. This kid with a gun was 15 yrs old - in middle school. Took the gun to school in his backpack.

I had to force myself not to go pick Zoe up from school early anyway. For a brief moment, I just wanted both kids home with me...where I know they're safe. Uggggg. Being a parent is hard.

This country is going to hell in a handbasket.


Holden's New Adventures

So, I've noticed a few new things today.

1.) He's actually playing with Bella. Somehow he knows that he's not supposed to actually let go of her toy, so he's started teasing her with it, and then laughing so hard that he drops the toy and Bella runs off with it anyway. Then he does it again, and again, and again - as evidenced here:

2.) He found the wine cabinet. And, can now open it. Note to self: do not store wine bottles in the wine cabinet until we get some of those child-proof cabinet opener things.

3.) When Zoe's home, he apparently HAS to be in the same room with her or he gets all kinds of pissed off. We have to gate him out of her room now.

4.) He took 2 steps today, without help!

Whoda Thunk...

I'd be joining the world of the blogging. Well, I figure this is a place I can come and share with those of you who care - what's going on with ... Rhonda, Dietrich, Zoe (6yrs old), Holden (9 months old) & Bella (1 yr old Italian Greyhound).

And what's going on today? Dietrich's traveling for work ... again. He hates it. I hate it. We all hate it. But, hey, we keep telling ourselves to be thankful that he has work. Although, it sure will be nice when he has something local.

So, I'm home (as I am everyday with Holden) waiting to pick up Zoe from school. Sitting here, I realize we have MAJOR BABY-PROOFING to do in this house. Holden's not walking, yet. But he's damn close. And, he's pulling up on everything. And, everything that he can reach is ending up on the floor. Candles, lamps, movies, etc. etc. etc.

Oh, and he's now figured out how to open the fireplace. Not that we use it, in Florida. But, still. Those little fingers could get crushed in there.

So, yeah, baby-proofing this weekend. For sure.