Yes, sometimes we need a HEATER in Florida

It's rare, but, we do need the heater in Florida sometimes. Of course, I woke up this morning and the heater wasn't working. What the? It's not like it's over-used or anything. Tonight, we're getting down into the 30's (which, I know, to you Northerners, that's not too bad, right?!), which is pretty damn cold for Florida.

I have to call the landlord today. It's Saturday, what are the chances they can get someone out here today? Probably slim and none. Which means we'll all be bundled up so the kids don't get sick (again).

In other news ... Dietrich got stuck in Atlanta last night. He missed his connecting flight because his original flight out of VA was almost 2 hours late taking off. There were no other flights out last night once he got there. So, he's on the 7am flight this morning - home. So, instead of working and traveling Tues - Fri, this week, he's even had to travel on his weekend and doesn't even get paid for it. How is that fair?

The weekend is not off to a good start as of yet.

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