School Shootings

I had a brief, mild panic attack this morning. I was napping with Holden and suddenly heard on the TV that a school in Longwood was under lockdown and there had been a shooting. Seeing as Zoe is a 1st grader at a school in Longwood, that was the reason for my mild panic attack. After rushing to turn up the TV, I found out that it was a middle school, and not her school (THANK GOD). But, still. I guess I never really thought I'd have to deal with the chance that she could be in danger while in school, at least not until she was in high school. Which is obviously not true. This kid with a gun was 15 yrs old - in middle school. Took the gun to school in his backpack.

I had to force myself not to go pick Zoe up from school early anyway. For a brief moment, I just wanted both kids home with me...where I know they're safe. Uggggg. Being a parent is hard.

This country is going to hell in a handbasket.

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