Whoda Thunk...

I'd be joining the world of the blogging. Well, I figure this is a place I can come and share with those of you who care - what's going on with ... Rhonda, Dietrich, Zoe (6yrs old), Holden (9 months old) & Bella (1 yr old Italian Greyhound).

And what's going on today? Dietrich's traveling for work ... again. He hates it. I hate it. We all hate it. But, hey, we keep telling ourselves to be thankful that he has work. Although, it sure will be nice when he has something local.

So, I'm home (as I am everyday with Holden) waiting to pick up Zoe from school. Sitting here, I realize we have MAJOR BABY-PROOFING to do in this house. Holden's not walking, yet. But he's damn close. And, he's pulling up on everything. And, everything that he can reach is ending up on the floor. Candles, lamps, movies, etc. etc. etc.

Oh, and he's now figured out how to open the fireplace. Not that we use it, in Florida. But, still. Those little fingers could get crushed in there.

So, yeah, baby-proofing this weekend. For sure.

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