So, it was parents night out ...

My mom came over Saturday to watch the kids so that Dietrich and I could spend some "quality" time together since he's been traveling so much lately. So, we got dressed and decided we would go to TGIF's for a few drinks.

3 martinis (each) later, we were headed home. Our "date" lasted approximately 2 hours. And that's probably a bit exaggerated. Why? We kept looking around the bar and realized that: 1.) we are SO thankful that we're not single, 2.) we actually thought (and talked) about the kids, and 3.) we were spending money on martinis when we had the necessary beverages to make them at home.

Funny. 10 years ago, we would've both been out till 2am at the earliest. Now, we're lucky if we can stay up till 10pm.

Rounding out the weekend, I went to scrapbook on Sunday and Dietrich took the kids to Downtown Disney just for the heck of it. Here's the highlight for Zoe: facepainting. She cried when I made her wash it off.

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