That's Holden-speak for "school". When we turn down the road that his school is on, I always ask him "are you ready to go to school?" So this morning, in the same place I usually ask - he beat me to it. He said "koooooool", and smiled. Spontaneous!

When we dropped of Zoe at "kooool", he said "bye-bye sissy".

Our next DAN appointment is December 29th. My mom will be in town, so that'll be nice to have her there with me. We'll discuss his latest blood test results, OAT results, and French test results. Then we'll decide on which chelation we need to use and if it will be suppositories or IVs. I'm leaning towards IVs, but we'll see what Dr. Rao thinks.

He's been doing okay, however, I'm beginning to think that the Sporonox he's taking for yeast is bothering him (in a negative way). I only give it every other day now, and it seems that on the days he gets it - in the evenings - he's VERY stimmy and very grumpy. More prone to tantrums and stims. I'm considering taking him off all together, but would like the OAT results before I do that; so that we don't have to go through another major die-off phase.

He loves: being tickled by daddy, his sister's keyboard, and the Christmas lights.
He hates: his little brother taking things from him, us stopping his stims, and not getting what he wants (pretty typical huh?!).

More later.

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