holden's "report card" / iep update

Instead of a "report card", Holden receives an IEP update every 9 weeks. Here it is, in a nutshell:

Goal: Holden will master the skills needed to effectively communicate.
Comments: Holden can independently mand for juice, movie, cookie, raisin, bubbles and beads using sign language and vocal approximation. We require him to sign because his vocal approximations are not clear enough for his teacher to understand what he is asking for. His prompted mands are chips, candy, pins, beads, fish and cake. He has mastered "mama" from the Kaufman Speech Praxis and is working on 3 more words. He is also working on increasing his vocal approximations of mands "movie", "candy", "cookie", and "juice". He is a star at motor imitation having mastered 9 objectives this nine weeks.

Goal: Holden will improve fine and/or gross motor skills.
Comments: Holden has done exceptionally well climbing up and down the step stool to wash his hands and rinse his toothbrush. He is already learning now to pinch the clothespins to get them on the cup and should master this objective in the next nine weeks. Holden can string 5 beads on a string and we will now work on stringing smaller beads on thinner string.

Goal: Holden will improve cognitive skills.
Comments: Holden is very compliant now, he occasionally will tantrum when asked to sit down or blocked from doing his "stimmy circles", but that is no more than 2-3 times a week. Holden has mastered matching 3 items in a field of 3 and is working on several more objectives. Holden responds appropriately when told to "come here", "get a chair", "put away your toy", and "line up at the door" with minimal prompting.

Goal: Holden will improve personal-social skills.
Comments: Holden sits for the entire circle time with minimal reinforcement and participates in at least 50% of the songs and fingerplays. He sits at the table and tolerates playing alongside the other students. He will occasionally become interested in a toy another child is playing with and touch it or move it, but if offered his own toy, will not tantrum to get it.

Goal: Holden will improve daily living skills.
Comments: Holden has made great progress with the backpack routine. He comes in the room, takes his backpack off, attempts to hang it on the hook (he is offered little assistance), unzips with help and then takes out his lunch box and walks it over to the shelf where it goes. Will will start potty training the next 9 weeks.

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Casdok said...

Sounds like Holden is doing really well. You must be very proud.