it's been a long time.

holy poop, it's been a long time since i've been able to post here. lots has happened in the past month and a half:

1.) zoe has been promoted to a yellow belt now; and will have another promotion this week where she'll get her camo belt.

2.) holden has 3, yes, THREE new teeth. for a total of 8 all together.

3.) the in-laws came to stay for a week, and a lot of wine was consumed.

4.) zoe's out of school for the summer.

5.) our dryer died, we have a new one being delivered in 2 days. next month, i'll still be catching up on laundry.

6.) i found a new hair dresser. i like her. my "ex-hairdresser" has done way too many drugs in her life, and it's all catching up with her. she can't do my hair without shaking like a leaf. makes me a bit nervous.

7.) i got a new car/truck for mother's day (buick rendevous).

8.) i've memorized every word to every song of the doodlebops on the disney channel since that's all holden will watch.

9.) my mom and dad are speaking again after being divorced for 5 years (after 35 years of marriage), it happens about once every 6 months - they get on this kick. it would be okay, if he weren't married. i think it's okay anyway, cause i hate her.

10.) holden's in a screaming phase. SCREAMING, i tell you. loud. all the time. if he doesn't get what he wants ... screams. if he wakes up ... screams. i can't wait till this phase is over. (*crossing fingers that it will be over eventually*).

11.) hurricane season is officially underway and we have our first named storm of the year, tropical storm alberto. (coming on shore, as we speak)

12.) the world cup is on.

13.) i've decided take myself off of zoloft and the withdrawals are KILLING me. i'm considering going back on, yes, they're THAT bad.

so, that's about all i can think of to update everyone on everything that's been going on. hopefully it won't be another 2 months before i have time to sit down and post again!

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