she's .... grown up

Zoe's having her first "sleep over" as we speak. I know, she's 6 (will be 7 in 2 weeks) and it's about time. But, holy moly. It's 10:37pm and I'm wondering what my "baby" is doing. Is she sleeping? Is she playing dolls (bratz)? Is she wishing she were home? Of course, I'm sure she's fine, but, it's just me. Kinda, sorta wishing she were wishing she were home. I know, there's many more of these in the future, and then...and then...the REAL sleepovers when she just lies to me and tells me she's sleeping at a friends house and then goes to some stupid frat party and is out all night. Ugggg. I know, I'm way ahead of myself, but, JESUS, it goes SO INCREDIBLY fast.

Lord help me!

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