Come Monday it'll be alright.

It was a relaxing weekend. Dietrich had Friday off, so it felt like a 3 day weekend for me, too. Even though I'm a stay-at-home-mom and I'm home all the time. It just feels like a tiny vacation when he's home for 3 days in a row to help me with the little ones.

I woke up yesterday to find out that tropical storm Ernesto is supposed to hit Florida now. Which wasn't predicted previously. So, our first storm of the season. And, Dietrich is scheduled to go to Puerto Rico for a night on Wednesday. The storm is supposed to hit either Wednesday or Thursday in our area. I don't think he'll be going this week. That's a relief.

Oh, Saturday was Zoe's belt promotion at Taekwondo. She's now a blue belt. I think. Or maybe it's purple. Anyway, she's only 5 belts away from black now. I was so proud watching her, so that was the highlight of the weekend. Sunday was full of doing nothing but relaxing after the yard work in the morning. Dietrich worked on a website, I took a nap with Holden, and Zoe played with the neighbor kids. Good times.

I've now really cut down on the snacking and I'm proud of myself. I'm not a big snacker anyway, cept at night. But, I've cooked good, healthy meals for the family over the past 3 days and it feels pretty darn good. Good to know that the kids are eating healthy and good to know that I may just finally start losing a bit of weight. I still haven't tackled the exercise issue though. There was lots of walking around on Saturday, but nothing strenuous that could be called exercise. My goal is to start at the very least by going for a walk twice this week, and doing situps at night while I'm wishing I could snack. Maybe that'll take my mind off of wanting cheddar goldfish. We shall see.

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