holy moly, we're busy!

Zoe turned 8 yesterday. 8. I can't believe it. She's just the best kid in the world...
Holden imitated me 3 times in a row on Saturday evening. He was in his highchair and I asked him to "do this" and he did 3 things I asked him to - 1.) tapped his spoon on his highchair like I did, 2.) put his hands in the air, and 3.) clapped his hands. He did them all on either the 1st or 2nd request. His eye contact has been pretty good lately, too. I don't know if it's the L-Carnosine or not. He's up 600mg. now and I'm going to add the other 200mg. in the next 2 days. Research shows we could see improvements within 1-8 weeks of being on it. He's been on for 1 week and hasn't reached the full recommended dose yet. I'm hoping for great things to come our way soon.
2 more days until the amnio on Wednesday. Then the c-section on Friday. I'm SO ready. I need a martini!

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