37 weeks, my 7 yr old is turning 8, and starting more supplements

There's so much going on for us, I can't keep track. But I'll try.

-I'm 37 weeks pregnant today. 8 days until the amnio, and 10 days until the scheduled c-section. Today, I had a regular appt with the OB (waste of time, as I saw a nurse who asked me if I had any questions and when I said "no", said "okay, see you later"). Then I had a NST at the hospital and they kept me hooked up for 1.5 hours because this little guy's heartrate was in the 180's. Excited, I suppose. Eventually, they let me go, thankfully. So, now, I sit and wait 8 days until the next step in this process. I cannot WAIT to get this pregnancy over with. I'm gonna have a HUGE martini!

-Zoe will be 8 on Sunday. How is that possible? I mean, just yesterday, she was born ... 8lbs. 9ozs. Now, she'll be 8 and she's starting the 3rd grade in a few weeks. I just. I don't know where it goes. The time. She's a typical 8 year old. She's turned into quite the young lady, and the best big sister in the world. She's so patient with Holden and even though she's aware there's a chance (although, be it small) that Jackson will also have "problems", she's ready to accept him and help and love him just as she does Holden. She has such a big heart, and is one of the most loving kids I know. She's respectful and parents tell me all the time what a good kid she is. We're so proud of her.

-Now that Holden's rash has disappeared and his 'negative' behaviors have subsided, we're starting the epsom salt rubs again. Along with starting the L-Carnosine. We're holding off on the Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid for now - until we check his ammonia levels at the next blood draw - scheduled for August 21st. I'm starting with a very diluted mixture of the salt rubs, hoping not to irritate his skin. And, we start off with 2 caps of L-Carnosine daily, working up to 4. I'm hoping that he has good results with these.

My friend came over for dinner this past Saturday. She's a behavior analyst and has been doing this type of work for 11 years. She told me that he's definitely improved since the last time she saw him (about 3-4 weeks ago). Said he's more engaged, and more aware of things going on. She said he's moving in the right direction - and THAT made me happy. It's hard for me sometimes to see the progress - I'm so closely tied to him. I'm never away from him, and so, people who may not see him all the time - see the changes before I do. Or at least, recognize them as progress.

We're busy over here, but i keep telling myself that August is going to be a good month!!!!

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