I've been doing the epsom salt rubs on Holden for about a week now. Today was the first time I did a morning rub, and it wasn't so bad. He doesn't like the way it feels when it starts to dry though, so, once it's dry, I wipe it off with a wet paper towel. It seems to make him a bit lethargic though. Don't know if that's the epsom salts, or if he's just been in one of those moods.

I emailed Dr. David's nurse today because he's developed a red, rough rash on his arms, stomach and legs. Kinda weird because I thought it might be the rubs, but, he gets most of the salt on his back because he can't mess with it, and his back is fine. Sooo. Not sure what that is, but I emailed to find out. He was also a bit red around his eyes, and his cheeks were red, too - this past weekend. He did the same thing when we went through taking the dairy out of his diet. It lasted a few days and then went away. So, maybe it's just his bodies way of detoxing, I don't know.

Anyway. He's into the Wiggles now, so we watch about 10 episodes a day. He loves it. He runs around when they sing and dances. He jumps on his trampoline. I'm okay with it, because it gives me an opportunity to dance around with him and try to get him to imitate some of the gross motor skills they're doing on TV. And, the activity seems to put him in a great mood.

Although, right this instant, he's wanting to be held, so gotta run. Will update more later.

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