dear baby # 3,

kid, seriously, you're killing me. i'm tired, oh so tired. all.the.time. i've taken to raspberry mocha frappachinos from starbucks to get me through each day. i can't sleep at night because you're so damn heavy now that it hurts my back, hips, butt, and every organ on the inside - especially my bladder. my poor bladder - i was up 4 times last night, and lost count today of how many times i've gone to the bathroom.

you're moving like CRAZY. yesterday, i actually had to get up and walk around because i could feel your feet in my ribs. you settled down, but, started back up shortly after i sat down.

you have a schedule now. pretty quiet in the evenings - from about 4-8. then, around 8, 9pm, you're up and going strong. rolling now, not just kicking.

i'm having twice weekly NST's now, and this morning, you decided NOT to cooperate, so i had to lay on my side (uncomfortable) so they could get some reaction out of you. i reassured the nurse that you are indeed moving around in there, but your heart rate didn't elevate like they wanted. so, i had to stay connected for an extra 10-20 minutes, thankyouverymuch.

even with all of that, we cannot wait to see you and meet you. your sister is going nuts. she wants to rock you in the rocking chair. your brother is rubbing my belly and actually saying "baby" - a fete in itself. he's constantly putting his head on my belly, and has discovered that mama's boobs are now incredibly huge.

so, hurry! well, don't hurry, because we're not entirely ready. but, august 10th can't come fast enough.


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