stepping back

Holden's developed some 'strange' symptoms / behaviors over the past week. So I spoke to Dr. Berger via phone last night and we've decided to take a step back. He said when negative behaviors develop, he likes to "undo" the last step taken to see if thats causing it. We're taking Holden off of the salt rubs, and off of the alpha ketoglutaric acid - for 7-10 days to see if there's improvement. I also ran out of his anti-fungal medication and failed to refill it fast enough. He's been off of the diflucan for 4 days, which could have allowed yeast to grow back in his intestines. We're to start that again, immediately.

His symptoms/behaviors over the past week (in order):

-rough, red skin rash on his arms, upper thighs, and stomach
-vomitted (once - not sure if this was even related)
-after constipation; black, sticky poop with "specks"
-acting frightened at a lot of things - TV, when waking up in the middle of sleep, etc.
-new stimming behaviors, including rocking back and forth (something he's never done)

Hopefully the symptoms will improve and we'll slowly add things back in to see what may have caused the negative reaction.

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