When we moved to this house (renting) from the last house (also, renting), we moved into a different county. Still, only about a mile from the last place though. We decided to keep Zoe in the school she was in, for a few reasons. She was going through a lot at the time with dealing with Holden's diagnosis and how it changed our family. She already had anxiety about the FCAT which is a standardized test that all 3rd graders MUST pass. Yeah, I know, no pressure on an 8 year old, right? Seeing as they start telling kids about this test in the 1st grade - doesn't help to scare the ba-jesus out of them. And, we are planning on moving after the school year to Texas, so I didn't want to put her in a new school for a year, and then have to put her in another new school for next year. So, yeah, she's been going to the same school and doing great. Honor roll! She brought home a letter from the school 2 days ago, telling us that we had to provide proof of residency in the county for her to continue there. Obviously, I don't have that, so she has to go to a new school. I hate it. She's being such a trooper about it, but I know it bothers her. And it bothers us and we now realize that we should've just done the right thing to begin with - either found another house to rent in our old neighborhood, or enrolled her in the right school before the year began. But, we didn't. Live and learn, right? I'm just so sorry for her. She loves her teacher, is doing so well, and doesn't want to leave her friends. I know she'll be fine, but still. Breaks my heart.

I don't say enough about her on this blog. She's such a wonderful kid, really. I love her to pieces. And the boys couldn't ask for a better big sis!

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