IV chelation challege results

We got Holden's results back yesterday from the IV chelation challenge we did a few weeks ago. The pretest (which is urine collected randomly) showed low levels of lead, and no mercury at all. There were other things, but lead and mercury are the ones I looked at. The post test (which is the urine collected for 8 hours after the IV chelation) showed lead levels "high", and showed mercury. The mercury wasn't "high", but it was there, and it was on the higher end of "within normal limits".

So, I'm not doctor, but I'm assuming this means on his own, he's not excreting toxins on his own - or at least not as much as he should or could. Whereas, the chelator has helped him excrete high levels of lead and also some mercury. Our appointment with Dr. David isn't until the 20th and we'll discuss ongoing chelation at that time. I'm hoping to start him on suppositories soon, and do 1 IV per month. Hopefully this will pan out and we'll start to see continued improvement.

I don't know if it's just me, or if it's reality, but since this 1 IV we did, I've seen improvements. Who knows, maybe it's just everything kicking in and has nothing to do with his body getting rid of some of the metals. Or maybe it does have something to do with it. In this game, you never know. It's always a guess. Whatever it is, I'll take it.

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