starting TMG

I heard about DMG and TMG from a friend of mine. She said she's talked to a lot of other parents and kids have seen great improvements by starting one of these. TMG is DMG with an extra methyl group added. Or, that's how I understand it anyway. Some kids have seen good progress with speech and since speech is going very slow with Holden, I decided to ask Dr. David if we could try it. He emailed me back with the doseage info and we started 2 days ago. Apparently the therapuetic dose is around 1000-2000mgs per day. I bought the 175mgs. capsules to start him because we like to start things slow. I'm starting with 1/2 cap twice a day for 3 days. Then increasing by 1 capsule every 3 days, until we reach about 1000mgs. per day.

As with everything and autism, it's a crap shoot. What works for some kids doesn't work for others. What doesn't work for other kids works for yours. If I don't see any improvement at all on the TMG, I'll stop it. So far, he's up to taking:

-Vitamin C
-NuThera Multivitamin
-Folinic Acid
-MB12 shots
-Cod Liver Oil
-Licorice Root
-Factor 4 probiotics
-Epsom salt baths every night
-Glutathione cream

And, almost all of those have to be given twice a day. So, the poor kid has nothing to eat or drink without having some sort of supplement in it. He's good though - doesn't bat an eye. He proably would if I didn't put anything in his juice! He's think it doesn't taste "right" by now. Ha.

As far as progress, he's doing well. He's babbling more. Trying so hard to talk. He has developed a sensitivity to loud sounds. He never had this before, so I don't know if it's a problem, or if it's a good thing in that he's becoming more aware of his surroundings, instead of being in his own little world. I can't run the blender or vaccum without a freak out/crying session. He calms down immediately when it's over though. And he doesn't cover his ears, he just cries. Like he's scared. He's even a little "iffy" when the microwave's on. I'm going to discuss with Dr. David next week when we meet with him to discuss chelation. Our appointment is on the 20th.


Anonymous said...

My William also has had an issue with a lot of sounds (e.g. blender, vacuum, some music--he often has had to leave assemblies in school if there was a band). We found it improved when he went on magnesium lactate. Apparently hypersensitivity to sounds can be a sign of a magnesium deficiency.
Best of luck,
Anne (william's mom)

Anonymous said...

That's really interesting! My daughter had auditory sensitivity and auditory processing problems a year ago that have since resolved. She also had chronic constipation, and we started magnesium for the constipation. Magnesium supplements completely resolved the constipation, and she no longer covers her ears in response to noises.

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder and started taking magnesium with a B-complex vitamin after reading about it online. It seemed to help. Over time I stopped taking it and became very sensitive to sounds again. I recently started taking 800mg of magnesium glycinate first thing in the morning and it's definitely helpful.