not just good, but a GREAT day (so far)

Holden had been a bit whiney and just kind of "spacey" last week. I always know that once he goes through something like that, he always comes out on the other side with improvements. It's just waiting through the low times that gets to me. Yesterday, my mom showed up for a few days to stay with us. He hasn't seen her in a month or so. When she walked in, he went straight up to her, hugged her and sat in her lap for at least 10 minutes. Just hugging and loving and kissing her. Today in ABA, his therapists were SO happy with him. He was asking independently for raisins, to "sing", to be bounced on a bouncy ball, to be tickled, etc. Also, 2 of his therapists were having a conversation while he was watching a movie and one said to the other "his shoes (he had on crocks) are on backwards". They both kept talking about his program and she said the next thing she knew, he was taking off both shoes - switched them to the right feet - and then put them back on. Crazy. Apparently not only did he hear them, but he comprehended what they were saying too.

He's loving "If you're happy and you know it" right now. Here's a link to the video I shot on Friday:

We've been doing EDTA chelation suppositories since May 11th. Maybe, just maybe, they're beginning to help!? Whatever it is, I'll take it!


Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog doing a search. It was in march of 2007 that my 5 year old was finally formerly diagnosed with autism. I really enjoy reading your blog. Congrats on the GREAT day!

Sarah said...

TAG! You're it! I've tagged you to do a "meme." See the rules here:

Rachael said...

He is doing so awesome Rhonda!! I had to watch the video twice he is just so cute. I love his hoorays. I am so happy the chelation is working on him! YAY!

Olga said...

Hi Rhonda, I just found your blog and I now feel like I know you. I accompanied a mother (she doesn't speak english) to an initial appointment with Dr. Berger this past friday and I wanted to talk to you about your experience with him. Please email me at olga.mrls@gmail.com. I am so glad to hear chelation is helping your son!