challenge test

We're done with the first 2 months of chelation. So, yesterday, we did a challenge test. We haven't done one of those in about 3 months. We used a 750 mg. EDTA suppository. I had forgotten how hard the challenge tests are on him. For the first 3-4 hours after I gave him the suppository, he wanted to do nothing but sleep. You could tell he just felt horrible. His little cheeks were red and flushed. He wasn't interested in anything, really. Just wanted to lay down, or be held and rocked.

BUT, about 6 hours after I gave him the suppository, he was a different kid. After dinner and bath, he danced and jumpped and ran around and smiled and hugged us. He was happy, full of dimples! He even said a 3 word sentence: "I want beebee". He would say it before, but mostly just with prompting. Last night, he said it independently - a few times.

We noticed similar behavior after he had some IV's a few months ago. It lasted for a few days after the IV's. This morning, it seems to be going back to normal. He's ripping up his paper and walking around the house, feeling the walls. His 2 favorite things to do.

You know, even if it was just for an hour or 2, it's so worth it - seeing him act like he did last night. When he does that, you can see HIM. You can tell he's in there somewhere. And if we could just get him out, we would see the real him more times than not. That's the goal...so we'll keep plugging away.

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Rachael said...

That is so great! I agree, even if its only for a few hours its worth it just to see him acting like a normal little guy. Keep up the awesome work!