I think I love Holden's School

But, I'm afraid to say it out loud for fear of jinxing it!!!

For the past few days, when he's done with dinner, he's been bringing me his plate. The first time he did it, I said "Oh, you're all done?" and he handed it to me. Then, the 2nd time, I realized there was something to this. So, for 4 days in a row, he's brought me his plate when he's finished with his dinner. He will LOOK at me and say "done". It's not that clear, obviously. But I know what he's saying.

His teacher told me tonight that they make him pick up his plate after lunch and throw things in the trash. He has to pick up after himself and put his things away. So, he's learning, AND generalizing things to the home environment.

When I picked him up from school today - they told me the school had a pep ralley for the Dallas Cowboys at the end of the day. She said it was very loud, kids screaming, singing, etc. I asked how he did with that and she said he was great! That he loved it. He sat on their lap and smiled through the whole thing.

After school today, he was soooo social. He watched the Wiggles and sang with them. He danced and jumped up and down and made animal sounds when they did. He smiles and just looked happy. He kept coming up to me and saying "hiiiiiiii!", and he would look me in the eye and smile and wait for me to say "hiiiii!" back.

Today. Was an awesome day. I do have to add that I started MB12 shots again last night. He had been off of them for a few weeks. I have no idea if it has anything to do with it...but, I have to make notes of anything we do differently. Any changes we make. We've also been on Culturelle for about a month now. And this may be too much info, but he's had normal poops for an entire month!!

I can only pray that this will continue...

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