Doctor Visit

Today, Holden saw Dr. Rao for the first time. I spoke to the doctor last week about Holden's case, and today was his first visit. Aside from having to wait F-O-R-E-V-E-R, it went well. We discussed continuing chelation but are going to wait until we receive the lab results back. They did bloodwork today, and also an IV push of glutathione, NAC, and Vit C. He tolerated it really well - I was so proud of him! He cried, but once she got the needle in, he just sat and watched and ate his cookies. I have to send off an OAT test to check for yeast, a Neurotransmitter test, and the French test. Our next appointment is the 1st week of December. We'll discuss the results of everything and start chelating again. I'm anxious to get started again. We just finished another 2 months using EDTA suppositories about 2 weeks ago. I can always tell a difference in his attention, focus, eye contact, etc...when we're chelating. Then we stop, and it seems to all go away again. It's like the universe is playing some sick game with us. But, I know in time - we'll have him back to STAY.

He's also doing well in school. They call him their little "miracle 3 year old", and his teacher says he's doing great so far. He has some tantrums when made to sit at the table and "work", but he gets over it. Yesterday, I picked him up and he had on a cute t-shirt (that was too big) over his clothes that said "Fun Run". She said they had an event and he participated. He had a little certificate in his backpack folder that said he completed 4 laps. I asked her if he really ran and she said yes, that he had a blast running around with them. How cute is that?!

So, Dr. Rao asked me to keep a log over the next 2 weeks. Just write things down I notice since the IV today. We may need to do it every 2 weeks if he does really well with it.

More later....

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