End of School Update

So, little Miss Zoe got ALL A's for her final grades. ALL A's. Very proud of her!!!

Holden's update is as follows: (his is different than just grades, so I have to update all of his "objectives" individually)

GOAL: Holden will master the skills needed to effectively communicate.
Comments: Holden has mastered 18 motor imitative responses this 9 weeks. He has also mastered 5 new mands (signs with vocal approimations) and acquired at least 5 to learn. We will continue to target new mands next school year and he will work to maintain his mastered ones in ESY (summer school). We have tested 15 tacts (signs wtih vocal approximations) and will target new ones next school year. He can echo an approximation to at least 15 words and has mastered 3 this nine weeks. We will add new echoics next school year. Good job!

GOAL: Holden will improve fine and/or gross motor skills
Comments: Holden has mastered these objectives for this school year, we will target new objectives next school year. Great work, Holden!

GOAL: Holden will improve cognitive skills
Comments: Holden has mastered 11 visual performance skills this 9 weeks and has become a master at basic puzzles. He has also mastered 6 new receptive language skills this 9 weeks! Holden works very well at the table and is okay if reinforcement is delayed after completing a skill. Great job, Holden!

GOAL: Holden will improve personal-social skills
Comments: Holden attends the entire circle time, transitions well and participates in singing and doing the actions. He makes occasional eye contact and will attempt to copy new motions the teachers are doing. Holden will play nicely with the other students, occasionally taking something they have if he likes it. He takes turns nicely and is not disturbed by the other children. Great playing & singing, Holden!

GOAL: Holden will improve daily living skills
Comments: Holden is a pro at the backpack routine, we no longer prompt, as he seems to be prompt dependent when we do so. He occasionally needs physical guidance for reaching the basket to get his folder out, but can do the routine independently. Good job!

GOAL: Holden will increase positive behaviors and/or decrease negative behaviors
Comments: Holden's tantrums have decreased substantially this school year. He has also dropped his stimmy circles, only engaging in them on occasion. He will still get mad when told "no" to lining up toys, running off the playground, or sitting inappropriately. This is all age-appropriate and we expect to see continued progress next school year. Way to go, Holden!

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