Ok, so, for any parent of a typical 4 year old, this will no doubt ... NOT be exciting. But, for those of us dealing with a child with autism. VERY exciting.

This morning, Holden was eating his scrambled eggs. When he was done eating, he did his usual routine of putting his plate in the kitchen. (Learned that at school). He left his fork on the table. So when he came back into the room, I pointed to the fork and said to him "Holden, can you put your fork away, too?" and he looked at it, said "OH!", ran over to the table, grabbed his fork, and put it in the kitchen. He came back all "smiley" and sat next to me.

Why is this exciting? Well, 1. he actually looked at where I was pointing. 2. I only gave the direction ONE time. And, 3. He followed the direction!

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