Some people say it's "crazy", and there's no "evidence" that supplements help a child with autism. And, any parent who's pursuing biomedical intervention will tell you that those people are the one's who are crazy. We've seen the ups and downs that directly corelate to supplements & yeast medications. The past 5 days have shown me just how dependent Holden is on his supplements and medications. He came down with the flu on Saturday, and hasn't been able to tolerate his many vitamins, supplements, and anti-yeast meds for 5 days. In those 5 days alone, he has regressed to not responding when his name is called, complete echolalia (no spontaneous language), and living in his own little world. I wasn't able to chelate this past weekend, either, because of the sick he's had going on. I see such a big difference in him; there's no doubt in my mind that he's very dependent on these supplements/vitamins/meds.

That being said, he's still the same loving and most gorgeous child on the planet. He's just "with us" much less that he normally is.

Today, I hope to get him back on track with his daily doses. And, I hope it takes less time for him to return to us, than it did for us to lose him, again (5 days). Cross your fingers!

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