real play!

And, I mean ... full-on giggling, laughing, hiding, more laughing ... PLAYING with Jackson this week. I was going to blog about it on Monday, but wondered if it were just a fluke. Sometimes you think they really get something and then the next day you wonder if you were in fact dreaming. Not this time! At least I don't think so anyway.

Holden started bringing a blanket out of the bedroom and hiding under it. He would take the cover off and say ... "there he is!". Jackson wanted in on the action so he started tackling Holden while he was under the blanket. I expected a scream from Holden, which is his normal reaction to Jackson messing with him. But, instead, he started laughing. Cutest thing. Then he would take the cover off and say ... "there he is!" and just laugh and laugh (while looking at Jackson the whole time). He's done this everyday since Monday. So, no fluke. He's playing, appropriately, with his brother.

Also, today in the car Jackson was crying. I noticed Holden look over at him with a look of curiosity. Once Jackson stopped crying, Holden started giggling. Then they were both giggling.

It's like they're FINALLY becoming "partners in crime".

I love it.

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