Click on the title (seriously???) for the link to the CNN video:

FINALLY, something in the news to create some sort of "panic" among the CDC. Course, we'll have to wait and see what they do about it. I'm thinking they'll wait until these numbers double, or even triple, before they choose to really do something about it. Because, doing something about it ... means they will have to look at even more possible causes of autism. Environmental factors, overloading a child's system with too many vaccines too soon...and we all know the CDC and AAP will never allow that to happen.

Instead, they'll excuse it away. "Better diagnosis", "more awareness", "doctors are more willing to diagnose a child with autism today". We've heard it all, and will continue to hear it all until we all stand up and keep asking questions and making a 'stink' about these crazy numbers!

Mr. President - YES, we DO have a healthcare crisis in this country. We have an epidemic. It's caused AUTISM. 1 in 91 children. 1 in 58 boys. And as these numbers continue to GROW at an alarming rate? We can expect even more than 1 in 58 ADULTS with autism in our future. We haven't seen anything yet ......

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