Things to ponder ...

So, watching Dateline NBC tonight (it was actually on last night, thank god for DVR) made me really think. It was a story about Michael Shiavo. For those of you who don't live in Florida and haven't been bombarded by this story (I'm sure there are very few of you), this week marks the 1 year anniversary of Terry Shiavo's death. I've always been on the fence when it comes to this story. Husband says she didn't want to live in a "persistent vegetative state". Parents say that she was improving. The 2 families fought for YEARS. All the while, the husband became engaged to another woman and had 2 children with her. Here's the thing that disturbs me about this. He writes a book that's coming out this week. So he decides to do his first ever television interview ... NOW. At the time of the book release. He cried. He said in his last minute with her before she basically starved to death - that he held her as he did the night/morning she collapsed 15 years ago and told her he loved her, and she died. Another thing that really got me about the interview though - in his defense - Matt Lauer just couldn't believe that a 22 yr old would say to her husband on a train ride "honey, I never want to be a burden and live that way". They were discussing her Uncle, who apparently was severely disabled. In his defense, I know I've said that to my husband before. I really don't know if I've ever said it to my parents ... but I know I've said it to my husband. So, question is...how many of us have a living will? I don't. I need one. Cause I would choose to leave this world if I had to live in that kind of 'state' for the rest of my life. And, would want my husband to have as normal life as possible.

Other headlines:
The ministers wife who shot him with a shotgun. Huh? Everyone says "but, they had the perfect marriage". Well, apparently not! Theories include post-pardem depression. Her youngest is 1. Who knows why she did it, but, as a woman, I sometimes wonder if more excuses are made when a woman kills her husband, vs. a man who kills his wife. She must have been beaten. Or, he must have been emotionally abusive. Why? Can't she just be sick, etc?

Natalle Holloway. How long will it take to find out what REALLY happened to this girl? I saw an interview on 48 hours mystery tonight with her mom. Apparently there's "new" evidence in the case that suggests maybe she was burried two different times. Her body was moved to conceal evidence. Ya think? Anyway, they asked her mom "What gives you hope at this point?" Her response ... "Nothing, I have no hope now." I can't imagine my daughter being gone and not knowing what happened to her, or where she is. Her mom says she knows what happened, but no one's telling the truth. Makes me wonder ... do we have a crazy maternal instinct that could possibly tell us in some what what happens to our children when they turn up missing? Do we just instinctively "know"? It broke my heart to hear her say "I have no hope now." Just can't imagine the pain of losing a child.

Anyway. These are things I've been thinking about tonight.

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