Optimism, even just for today.

We went to OT this morning. When we sat down, the therapist said she wanted to talk to me. I cringed at first because I had no idea what she wanted to "talk" about.

She told me that she and Beth (Holden's Speech therapist) had talked about him and his progress. She said they were both in agreement that his progress had been wonderful, seeing as he'd only had 4 sessions each. They say he's interacting a lot more with them than they thought. She said she realizes that Holden came in for the evaluations and therapy, due to the diagnosis (although not official, obviously) of "autistic tendencies / behaviors", but she said they really think he will "beat this diagnosis". She said she thinks they are going to be able to "get him out of it". She was quick to say that it's clear he has sensory problems and that's something that will need to be worked on at home and therapy. And he obviously does still have autistic behaviors, but she's optimistic in thinking that he can overcome this and eventually be mainstreamed into school, etc.

I know I can't read too much into this good news. Because I know that realistically, our son needs a lot more therapy and it's a long term thing. BUT, I've noticed improvements in his behaviors (eye contact, interacting with his sister more, showing emotions (kissing me/hugging me), socializing with me) over the past 3-4 weeks. He's made a lot of progress, compared to where we were when we started this whole thing over a month and a half ago. So it was good to hear that someone else (a professional) acknowledges his progress, too.

So, for today, I am happy. I am optimistic. Everyone says ... take one day at a time. Well, I'm doing that, and today I'm going to be happy and optimistic about Holden's therapy and progress. Tomorrow may be different.

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