Holden started his 3rd week (I think, or maybe it's his 2nd full week) of OT and Speech this week. We had a dual session yesterday - where the ST and OT basically "gang" up on him. Do both OT and Speech in the same session; to try and keep him focused. It helps. He enjoys OT the best simply because he gets to swing. I guess i'ts calming to him. Anyway, both therapists told me that they couldn't believe how much he's opened up in such a short period of time. His eye contact improves daily. His play skills (puzzles, shape toys, magnadoodle, etc.) are getting much better. Meaning, that instead of just lining up the coins that go into the singing piggybank, he actually puts them IN the piggybank. He knows what to do with some toys that he didn't know what to do with before. He's communicating with us by bringing things to us now. He never used to do that. I would always have to guess and look for his sippy cup to see if it was empty, etc. Now, he'll come to me, take my hand and shake his sippy cup (empty) and put it in my hand. Or, if he wants to watch a baby einstein video, he'll bring me the remote, take my hand and put it in my hand. Or, if he wants to be held, he'll take our hands and put them under his arms to be picked up. It's good. But, he's not trying to sound out the words like he used to. I talked to the ST about this and she said that we still need to encourage him to make sounds. Especially if it's sounds that we've heard him make before. But to be careful not to push him into a point of frustration where he shuts down. So I'm working on that at home with him. At least, as she said, he's trying to communicate with us and he realizes that he gets something when he lets us know he wants it. I may talk to them tomorrow at the next session to discuss using PECS since he's bringing things to us now. Although it may still be too early. Oh, and he just reminded me - he's laughing at things on the videos now. If animals are being silly, he'll laugh. If we clap for him - for doing something good - he'll smile. He's realizing emotions which is great. He's flipping through a book now. Not really looking at the pictures yet, but he's much more interested, since the ST is reading to him a lot in the sessions. I'm also reading to him a lot at home. At least 2-3 times a day. We read Eric Carle books, which she said are great, because the words are repetitious. I'm so glad I started him in therapy now. At least I feel like I'm doing something to help him and improve his little world.

I'm 18w1d. Baby is growing and is about 1/2 a pound now, according to the last ultrasound. In 3 weeks, I have to go back for another ultrasound and to have an EKG on the baby's heart. Doc says it's "standard procedure" when diabetes are involved. I hope he's being honest. Oh, and all prenatal labs came back negative, which is good. Pap was negative. So, things are moving right along. Still haven't felt a lot of movement, which is strange to me. With Holden, I felt it VERY early on - like it was constant enough that at 17 weeks when I didn't feel anything for a few days, I panicked and went in for an appointment to hear the heartbeat. I've felt this little guy, but not often. Maybe once a day and it's very very slight. I'm wondering if it's just that my mind is so preoccupied with Holden and Zoe and other things that I'm just not paying attention? Maybe.

Zoe's doing so good in school. Honor roll. Yes, our kid made the honor roll on her last report card. So, so proud of her. So much so that she earned herself a Nintendo DS. She's such an awesome kid.

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