It's back. The yeast. I figured this out on my own. Over the past week, he's had a few signs, and over the past 4 days or so, he's been extremely stimmy. Much more so than he's been in a while. I called his doctor and talked to the nurse today. She's going to call me back tomorrow after she talks to Dr. Berger, but she anticipates that he'll stop the Nystatin and put him back on Diflucan for the yeast. Poor kiddo. I just want to hug all of this away for him. I wish that were possible.

Despite the problems with yeast, he watched the Wiggles today and actually danced around with them. He laughed and played. He wanted to be outside, where the weather was awesome (who wouldn't want to be outside?!). He said "ball", "hi", and ... smiled at me more times than I can count. I'm thankful. Yet, tonight when I go to bed, I will still pray for a miracle, as I do every night.

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