still waiting

We're still waiting for Holden to begin his ABA at the clinic. Still. Waiting. It's crazy how much red tape you have to go through in order for your kid to start receiving the therapy he was approved for ... and clearly needs. If I've learned nothing else throughout this whole process - it's that nothing will get done unless I do it myself. I've left 2 messages today, so hopefully, we'll get him scheduled soon.

I just scheduled an appointment with Dr. Berger for December 18th. He'll have a blood draw to check his levels (hormones, etc.) to see if the latest supplements are working. He'll also have the IV chelation challenge test. I'm nervous about it, but I also know it's the only way we'll know what we're dealing with and how to "fix" it. We have an appointment to speak with his doctor 4 days prior, so I'll get all of the information on what to expect then. Did I mention I'm nervous?

In other news - Jackson's making sounds now. Smiling. Laughing. Growing like a WEED. He really feels like part of the family now. Zoe's on her 6's in her multiplication table. She has to have them mastered through 10 before Winter Break - in December. She's working so hard. I'm so proud of her.

Off to OT. More later.

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