Well, after much back and forth over the last 2 weeks, I think it's finally settled. Holden will get 5 hours per week in the clinic and 2 hours per month at home. Funny, they argue and argue that it has to be provided in the child's natural environment (home), and yet when I offered to have thearpy at home only TWO hours per MONTH, with the rest being in the clinic - they approved with no problem. Uggg. Frustrating.

So, they're going to check their schedules and find out when they can fit him in. Will be going 2 hours on Monday and Wednesday and 1 hour on Thursday.

He's doing really well. I think the MB12 shots are really helping him. He's saying things now. More consistent with signing, and definitely more focused and noticing things. I can only pray that the progress continues...

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