Holden has had 2 MB12 shots, so I'm not sure if this is related to them or not. You never know when you're trying so many things - what works and what's just started "clicking" for him. Regardless, yesterday, he touched Jackson 3 times throughout the day and said "baby". Labeling is a big thing for kids working on speech and language. Especially when they have practically NONE.

So far, the side effects from the shots seem to be minimal. I'm expecting an increase in the next week or so - once he gets a good amount in his system. So far, the most obvious side effect for him has been mouthing objects. He plays with his tongue alot and puts everything in his mouth. Studies show that older children who can describe what they're feeling say that they begin to feel a tingling in their mouth (tongue). Apparently, Holden's feeling that, too. So far, sleep is okay (a little more restless than usual, but not enough to cause any major problems), and the hyperactivity is okay, too. And, although they say to expect an increase in stimming behaviors - Holden's has seemed to decrease the past 3 days. Knock on wood.

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