good day!

The new yeast medicine (Sporanox) must be working. Holden's having a great day today. A far cry from the past 2 weeks. Not even ONE tear or tantrum this morning at Quest. No problems transitioning from outside to the therapy room. His therapist said he did great. Notes from therapy this morning:

-1st hour - was able to fade prompts and had numerous independent vocals for movie (mmm-ooo-eee). he wasn't always singing and saying but got vocal without help! was also able to fade prompts to a light touch on hand to get the sign for raisin. got 1 independent "bray bray" (what he calls raisin) vocal. worked on echoics (tata, ahhh, oooo). when holden was playing with balloons, did get correct for all 3. also got an approximate "balloon" and ask for balloons - sounded like "bahloo"!!! also said "mo" for elmo.

-2nd hour - good hour. worked alot on down - was able to fade out prompts to a model of the sign and he got the vocal many times ("duh" for down).


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