I spoke to Dr. David last Thursday evening. We're switching Holden from Diflucan to Sporanox. I think the yeast is giving him a tough time. He's still extremely stimmy, unfocused, and hyper. His hand is down his diaper constantly. Dr. David said to expect a tough weekend, due to dieoff, if the new anti-fungal works. Boy he wasn't kidding. Holden was up last night until 10:30, when he finally fell over and went to sleep. He was a little maniac, extremely hyper. I even tried activated charcoal and he was STILL all over the place. A little less hyperactivity, but still going nonetheless. We'll see what today holds in store for us.

I've also ordered some digestive enzymes from Kirkman. We should start those this week once the order arrives.

We still have 2 challenge tests to do - with DMSA and DMPS suppositories. I haven't been able to do them because I didn't want to make the yeast problems any worse for him. I was hoping it would settle down and we could do one this weekend, but we'll put it off a few more days to see how he does.

He starts daily ABA therapy this week. 2 hours a day, everyday. Quest Kids has been a godsend to us. We could never thank them enough for the grant they've given us.

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