great weekend, but now - wtf?

We had a great weekend. My mom came over to stay with us. Saturday, we took the kids to a new place in town called Bounce. It's really just a place for kids with sensory issues. The kids loved it. Then, we went to the circus. Kids loved that, too. Sunday, we went to IKEA. Kids didn't love that as much as the adults did. Holden was very cuddly and loving and even reminded me of a "typical" kid most of the weekend. He even wanted attention from my mom while she was here - and normally he could take it or leave it. He really did great, all around. Much better than he has been in recent weeks.

Last night though, it was hard to get him settled down. Once he went to sleep, we took him up to bed and he was okay until around 11pm. Then it was up and down and up and down. He was just really whiney. He had a wet diaper (and bed, and clothes) at around 5am so I had to get him up. He had a meltdown (I would, too, if someone took all my clothes off and woke me up), so Dietrich took him into his room and laid him on the bed. He watched TV until I went up to get him at 7am. He had ABA this morning and he just had a really hard time. His vocals were off, his crying was pretty much non-stop. He just had a tough time this morning.

I'm thinking it's the lack of sleep. He normally sleeps anywhere from 10-13 hours a night, and last night, he got maybe 6-7 hours. I'll watch him and if his behavior doesn't improve in 2 days or so, I'll call Dr. Berger to see what he can suggest. God I hope it gets better soon!

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