I hope Friday is better than Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were this week. Holden is out of sorts. He's screaming and crying at ABA. He's having MAJOR issues with transitions there. Changing therapists or even rooms, he's having meltdowns. He's stimming like crazy. Today, it was walking past the TV (looking at the different angles) down the wall of the playroom, and back. Over and over and over again. Drives me insane. Still mouthing everything. Chewing the binkies that he has left. Chewing on his shirt all the time.

God, please let this be a phase that will go away soon. The last things I've started are the Minerals and Taurine. Going to talk to Dr. Berger about that and see if either could make such a difference?!

On a "lighter" note (not really, but still), we got the DMPS and EDTA challenge results back. DMPS wasn't impressive - did pull some metals. Lead being the highest, but not elevated. Did pull some mercury, but again, not a lot. The EDTA challenge test pulled both lead and mercury in the orange. From what I've heard, EDTA is notorious for pulling lead ... but not mercury. So, that's good news. I have one more challenge (DMSA) and will do that this Saturday. Our next DAN appointment is May 1st and we'll go over all the challenge tests and decide which chelation agent to use.

So, anyway, please let me be thinking TGIF tomorrow morning!


Diane Knudson said...

Rhonda, I hope you are having a better day today! I just read all your blogs, and wow, it's just wow. I don't really know what to say. I mean I knew Holden has autism and it's a lot, but I had no idea how much you and Dietrich are going through!

Rachael said...

Doesn't it just sometimes feel like you take two steps forward, and than 3 leaps backwards? That's how I felt forever with Gavin. You are doing so much for him and I know it is paying off!
Gavin just got through a weird chewing stage. He was chewing everything including the cords to the mouse and computer keyboard. Now he is mostly moved on. Although there are some days he will just sit and chew on his letter fridge magnets.