DAN! Update

We had a DAN! appointment yesterday. Labs looked good, although Holden may be slightly anemic. Which isn't surprising, since his diet is pretty limited. We will keep a watch on that and see what his numbers are next time around.

Will continue to chelate using EDTA & DMSA combo 1x/week for now. If we think he's plateauing, we'll consider 1-2 IV's per month, and suppositories 1-2 times per month to see if we can kick things in gear! But, for now, sticking with suppositories.

I'm going to start him on Enhansa on Friday. We're to start out at 150mg per day for 2 weeks. If we see improvements, he wants us to stay at that dose. If no improvements, we can increase a little at a time until we do see 'good things'.

We are going to do a 1 month round of Diflucan to see if we can get the yeast markers down. Then, we'll return to Nizoral. Sometimes I think if we could just get the yeast under control - we'd see some major gains. But, chelation will always stir up yeast ... so as long as we're chelating, we have to deal with yeast issues as well, unfortunately!

So...we march on!

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