the normal ups and downs

As it normally is with autism, just when you think things are worse than they've been in a long time - this kid comes out of it overnight. Literally, over night.

Yesterday, Holden was still having an increase in "autistic symptoms". Stimming, lack of eye contact, not interacting with us as much, etc. Today, he has been a different kid. The only thing I've done since yesterday? Chelation. Last night, we chelated with 1 DMSA suppository and 1 EDTA suppository. DMSA at around 8:30pm, and EDTA at 9:15pm. Typically, for Holden, the day after chelation is a challenge. Then he eases out of it by the 2nd day. It was different this time. Today, he woke up happy. He was playing with Jackson, and more importantly, he wanted Jackson to play with him. He wanted Jackson to chase him and they laughed and ran throughout the house. He was singing, playing, smiling, and loving. So different than how he was even just yesterday.

Who knows why. I don't know if it's possible for it to be caused by the chelation last night. I suppose it could be...maybe we just got a great pull with this round? Or, maybe he just felt better today, physically.

Whatever it was ... it made my Mother's Day the best ever.

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