challenge (provocation) test

Holden had his 1st challenge test today at the DAN doc. He was given 450mg of Glutathione and then he had 50mg of IV DMPS. It sucked. I had to hold him down. Normally, I'd make Dietrich do the holding down, but he is out of town for work. So, I had to do the dirty work. She had a hard time getting the vein in his arm, but FINALLY did enough to get the blood draw we needed. We're also checking his hormone and cortisol levels. And checking to see if the TD Glutathione is helping him, so we're checking those levels, too. Then the vein blew, so she couldn't administer the meds through that one. Had to remove the needle and then poke him in his hand. He screamed and cried and cried and I cried. He looked at me, crying, and yelled "MAMA!!!!" I thought my heart would break.

For 8 hours, we're collecting urine. I'll send it to the lab on Monday and we'll see what comes out.

So far, he's okay. Tired, but okay. We're all beat after today.

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