Holden loves paper. It's his "toy" of choice. He likes to shred paper, specifically. And hold it in his hand. Not just any paper, but paper towels or tissue. Regular paper you draw on just won't work. On New Years Eve, we spent the afternoon and night at a friend's house. Holden was really good. He crawled up in the chair with a few people and just hung out. He also played with his paper and when we were in the kitchen, we all heard him say "paper". Not just once, but 3 times. And it wasn't just me, but everyone else heard it too.

So, no more flukes. He's talking. It's not consistent, but he's talking. In the past week or so, we've heard "paper" (more, and again and again), "bath", "bubba" (for Jackson), "sissy" (for Zoe), "wawa" (for water). And it's great. He's not consistent, like I said, but we're hearing more sounds at least. And actual words. I really think his receptive language is improving the most lately though. While at our friends house on New Years Eve, he had a long sleeved shirt on and was sweating a little (damn Florida weather). I said to him "honey, do you want me to change your shirt and put on something cooler?" Not expecting him to actually SAY anything or DO anything. But he walked over to his bag, pulled out his other shirt, and laid it on top of the bag. And there's no way it could have been a coinidence. He's also listening to me more when I tell him to "come here". Or telling him to "get down". He's taken to crawling up on the trunk in the living room next to the TV. So, I think his receptive language is really really improving right now, which is awesome.

In other news: Zoe started her new school 3 days ago. She now has a total of 2 "really good friends", she says. I love that kid, she's so great. I was worried about her the 1st 2 days, but today she did so good and I know that we're over the worst of it. Thank God!

Tomorrow is such a full day that it's 9pm and I'm going to bed. We have ABA at the clinic from 9-11am, OT at the clinic from 1-1:30, walk to pick up Zoe at 2:30, and back for in-home ABA from 3:30-5:30. I'm tired just typing it out. Good night internet!

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