the "window"

Jenny McCarthy talks about The Window in her book about her son's autism. I've heard a lot of interviews, too, where she talks about The Window. How we have to pull our kids through this window.

I'm hesitant to type this, or think this, or admit this - for fear that it will go away. But, for the 1st time since Holden's diagnosis, I feel like The Window is at the very least ... opening. We have a long, long way to go in Holden's recovery process, but it feels like we're truly finally making some progress. And, progress that is notable. Not just us asking if it's a coincidence, or asking ourselves "did we really just see that?" and answering with a "nah, probably not".

Saturday, we were going somewhere - to run errands. Holden's been saying "bye bye" pretty consistently for the past few weeks. So, we told him we were going bye bye. I told him to go get his shoes so we could go. I kept talking to Dietrich and then realized as Holden walked around the corner and back into the room - that he had his shoes in his hands. Not only did he go get them. But he brought them to me to help him put them on. For most people, that's really nothing. Most parents can say to their kids "go get your shoes!" and they will go get their shoes. I've always wondered if Holden understands what I'm saying, yet he's unable to respond. Now I KNOW he understands most of what I say, because he IS responding. For a child with autism, that's huge.

So, yes, even if it's just a crack, The Window is FINALLY opening.

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