Hope. Faith. Recovery.

Watching Jenny McCarthy on Oprah the other day really made me think about how it felt when I first found out about Holden's diagnosis. I remember the moment when my husband and I talked and just knew in our hearts what was going on with him. We didn't need a doctor to tell us. After a few weeks of feeling very helpless, hopeless, and just plain "out of it", I got online and started to google. Just like Jenny said, I googled "autism recovery". I looked for stories of hope. I wanted to find someone, another mom, who had gone through this and came out on the other side with a child who had recovered. And, I was surprised when I found not just 1 other mom, but MANY, who had been through this, and who were now talking about their story. I met so many wonderful women online who have given me so much support, I truly don't know what I would have done without them. It's so true that you feel alone in this world of autism. And when you have others who know what you're going through, it somehow eases the blow a little. So, I'm thankful that I've found so many great people out there. And thankful that so many have decided to share their stories of hope. Another thing Jenny said that struck a cord with me - "Hope, Faith, Recovery". I looked and found hope from other parents and now have complete faith that my son will recover from this and live a happy life. It's not an easy journey by any means, but it's a necessary one, and one that I'm committed to.

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