Yesterday at the mall, we went to a store and Holden was playing with a stuffed snake. They had different colors and I asked him - do you want blue or green. He had the green snake in his hands and he said "geen". Dietrich and I looked at each other, in shock! We both heard it. He wouldn't repeat it, of course, but thats okay.

At the park today, he was in the swing. He motioned for my mom to give him her hands and then said "out". We thought he said it, anyway. So, she asked him if he wanted out and he said "out". So, yeah, I guess he really did say it!

This afternoon, he pulled a bag of chips off the kitchen counter and I put him in a chair and asked him if he wanted to eat. He said "eeeeat". Not once, but twice.

I can only hope that all of these little sounds, words, or whatever they are will increase and he'll just continue to develop speech at a quicker rate than he has been. I can't tell you how nice it is to just hear a few words throughout the day from him. What a blessing!

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