OT Eval / Goals

Today we had OT. The insurance company is asking for a re-evaluation at this point. He's been in OT for almost 6 months.

His OT, Michelle (we love her!), retested him on some items. She also revisited his original goals. He's met a lot of those goals and then some. One of his goals initially was to make eye contact twice in a 30 minute session. She said he's met and surpassed that goal. There were other goals that he's met, too. And she's created some new goals for him. We're going to continue to work on eye contact (as that's one that I always want to work on), start working on 3 step directions, and transition from session to car, and transition from 1 activity to another. We'll also work on stringing beads - as he takes the beads off of the string, but can't quite get them back on.

I can't tell you how good it felt to know that he's met most of his OT goals set for him 6 months ago. I know he's making progress, but I can't say how great it is to have the confirmation. It's a good day today.

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